How does it feel to sit in prison at eighteen? In solitary confinement? When at the same time the peers play football, computer games, go dancing, and for the first time fall in love?

Ramon is a young, impulsive, often aggressive man who is constantly in conflict with people around him and justice, too. Joye O'Reilly, a psychiatrist, keeps her helping hand over him. He has no education, no money, no job, and no home. He possesses nothing except extraordinary musical talent and an exceptional voice.

As he visits Joye, he finds her injured and unconscious, lying on the floor. He organizes help, and with the paramedic comes the police, too. They arrest him immediately. His criminal past speaks against him.

What happens to Joye? Will she die or wake up from the coma? Find the police the real culprit? Will Ramon live innocently behind the bars? Or will he sing on the open-air stage and earn applause and money?

Twenty-two-year-old Cristina Borges has all that you can wish for. She is beautiful, intelligent, wealthy, and well-educated. Fernando, her older brother, who was adopted as an infant, is one of the best soccer players in the world and is currently under contract with FC Liverpool. Cristina's father is one of the richest men in Brazil, and her mother is a descendant of the Portuguese royal family. The wealth and nobility came together.

She is strong, but she can hardly accept the reality that her boyfriend, an international working doctor, abandoned her.

During the carnival in Rio de Janeiro, she meets Rafael Bianchi, an Italian entrepreneur. He loves success, his business, and women. He is a liar and seducer, and he knows his part well. His ego is immense. He is looking for joy. She is deeply touched by the compliments and attention he gives her. She believes in more.

He surprised her with his plan to cross the Sahara Desert in a solar plane. He wants to be the first in the world who do it. His mission ends tragically, and after his death, she is confronted with his true, well-hidden life.

The magical change comes silent..


He is kind to me and cruel alike. he is my lover and equally my murderer, thought Claire. It was the attractive Tristan, the talented painter and the brilliant forger, who made her life difficult. His whole love belonged to painting and the rather wild, extravagant nightlife of the Parisian upper class- la vie Parisienne. Tristan enjoyed this life to the fullest-the wine, the smoking, the cabarets, the parties, and the women. He was an egoist, a man, who was only looking for fun and games, unable and unwilling to deal with problems and take responsibility in his life. Confronted with difficulties, the cowardly, insecure nature in Tristan took the upper hand, and thus, control over events slipped out of his hand. 

Will he find his way onto the high pedestal of fame or sink into the sea of the gifted but unrecognized painters?

The events of the past six months played out behind her closed eyes. The funeral of Hermann, the arrest of Joachim Renz, her fear of being a mere observer in her own company where she would have nothing to say, her trip to Congo, the threats by Mrs. Gross, the scandal about Hermann's weakness for prostitutes and yesterday's drama in der garage. There were too many negative situations in a short time and Lucia caused none of them. But she played the leading role in every section.

What if?..... the twins Ava and Zoe, who could hardly be distinguished from each other visually, and who could not have been more different in character, had to go through a hell of envy, jealousy, and malice?

Where does that trail lead to? To a total loss of their connection or are they finding the lost path to each other again?

When the young lawyer Veronique Morgan gets the chance to take over her first big case, due to an unfortunate accident she can hardly believe her luck. She is brilliant in court, comes home radiant with joy- and catches her boyfriend in flagrante delicto when he is having fun with another woman in her bed!

Devastated, Veronique buries herself in her work.

When she promises a childhood friend to help him in a patent dispute, she has no idea what kind of game she is getting herself into. her opponent is far more dangerous than she had thought. Not only her childhood friend have to fear for his life, but Veronique also quickly becomes a target.

A hundred years ago, three generations, and two courageous people- Bernard and Klara, who came from the same family- who di not bow to the hard fate and were looking for freedom. It was Bernard, who left the Austrian-Hungarian Monarchy in 1911 and made a career in the USA that brought him great wealth. Seventy years later, his grandniece Klara fled from former Czechoslovakia to Switzerland and later moved to the USA.

The author tells the very exciting story of the three generations who lived on both sides of the ocean, about the victories and disappointments, the love and hate, greed and indifference in the one-hundred-year history of a branched family.

What if?....Sylva Kanderal addresses this question in her highly imaginative and emotional novel about life, love, and a wonderful female friendship between two people from different worlds who share one mind.

In search of herself, Freya manages to establish contact with her interstellar sister on another planet via telepathic messages. The two women are the identical image of one another and they had shared a biography until they had graduated from high school. The decisions that they make in their lives afterward ultimately lead to different life histories.

This story shows us how we shape our path in life through the decisions that we make and avers that supposedly better decisions do not necessarily lead to a better result.